Friday, 31 August 2012

BMW 5 Series New Energy Vehicle for China

BMW 5 Series New Energy Vehicle
Having experienced a great deal of success in the past few years on the Chinese market and this time the Chinese will get their very own ActiveHybrid BMW in next month at Shanghai Motor Show when BMW access the 2011 5 Series New Energy Vehicle.

At automaker?s Annual Accounts Press Conference held in Munich, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer added that the new addition will ?benefit from the strength and the excellent reputation of the BMW brand?. The timing and features with the BMW 5-Series ActiveHybrid, the powertrain on the new NEV should not vary much from a turbocharged in-line six-cylinder 3.0 L gasoline churning out 300 hp and a 50 hp electric motor. Reithofer also talked about releasing the production version of the MINI Coupe, which was launched at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show and a second-generation BMW 1-Series.

After having experienced a great deal of success in the past few years on the Chinese market, German auto maker BMW is planning to further support its position there and announced this week a very exciting premiere for next month's Shanghai Motor Show.


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Mobile: Now Your Phone Can Wait in Line for You

Pittsburgh-based NoWait has developed an app that effectively replaces restaurant pagers with smartphones, and adds a whole lot of intelligence on top of it.


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TomTom launched its PRO 5150 TRUCK LIVE for individual truck drivers. This device enables truck drivers to safely navigate throughout Europe on truck-friendly routes, avoiding dimensional, weight and hazardous materials restrictions. Offering specially designed truck routing based truck type, load, height, weight, length, restrictions, and maximum speed, the PRO 5150 TRUCK LIVE also features one [...]


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Remembering Steve Jobs Across the Web

A memorial for Steve Jobs was created by Alf Watt, a communication software engineer at Apple, outside the San Francisco Apple Store on Wednesday night following the news of Jobs’ passing. Photo: Jim Merithew/ People of all types came out to celebrate, mourn and honor Steve Jobs after learning of his death yesterday. Some converged [...]


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Surfer Carves World's Longest Wave Into 34 Pieces


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Chris Daughtry Wants to be a Hero

Musician Chris Daughtry lends his voice to 'We Can Be Heroes', a charity to help relieve famine in Africa.


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BlackBerry10 Devices Impress in Early Showcases? Will This Be Enough?

Lately the folks over at Research in Motion have been showcasing the new BlackBerry Super Phones running the much-anticipated BlackBerry 10 OS. Now, when I say anticipated, I mean that from a positive stand point for the people who actually want to see RIM succeed�and not from the negative people who sit around and cheer [...]

BlackBerry10 Devices Impress in Early Showcases… Will This Be Enough? is a post from: RIMarkable, the Unofficial BlackBerry Weblog...


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Gridiron Challenge Football Bounce House

gridiron football challenge bounce house

Gridiron Challenge Football Bounce House


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ASUS Ultrabook S Series with Smart Gesture Touchpad

Coming with luxurious design, the new ASUS S Series ultrabooks feature the 3rd generation Intel Core processors up to an i7, a discrete NVIDIA� GT 635M graphics, and offers fast-response hybrid SSD/hard drive storage as well as an optical drive. At just 21mm in profile, this all in one sleek Ultrabook also sports a solid [...]


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3D Pacman gets you all disoriented


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Lenovo IdeaCentre A520 All-in-One PC


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CyberpowerPC Announces Two Ultrabooks

While it isn’t the most popular option, I have always been a fan of the diminutive netbook style computer. I love their super portable nature, but they aren’t really known for their power. That’s where the ultrabook comes in, and CyberpowerPC has released two that they hope will be home runs in terms of price, [...]


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Thursday, 30 August 2012

This iMac prank is hilarious but extremely cringe worthy


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Sony?s New Xperia Tablet S Features Microsoft Surface-Like Keyboard Cover

Sony is taking another stab at the tablet market, keeping its wedge-shape styling in place, but adding a Microsoft Surface-like keyboard cover too.


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China Rebuttal of U.S. Human Rights Report is Fascinating ? and Scary ? Reading

And the bottom line is this – for the most part they are correct if not technically accurate. OK, let me step back for a second. This weekend I was away and traveled by air. As I was waiting for my final plane to load, I was watching CNN on a big screen, and in [...]


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Universal Hand Dock Lends a Hand

universal hand dock

Universal Hand Dock Lends a Hand


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?First Lady of Irish Bog Snorkeling? Is a Queen of Weird Sports

Live from Wales, it's the marquee event of the World Alternative Games.


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Metal Gear Solid the movie has been confirmed


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Samsung ATIV S announced at IFA 2012

Are you looking forward to what Windows Phone 8 can deliver in terms of smartphones? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you will definitely want to take a closer look at the Samsung ATIV S which was first introduced to the world at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany. From what you can see [...]


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Galaxy Nexus Coming UK on November 17th

UK Google Nexus

On this November 17, British mobile lovers will be getting first looks on Android 4.0 run Galaxy Nexus Smartphone. Samsung has announced that it is on its way at releasing the Galaxy Nexus, the first gadget to formally run Android 4.0. It would be a first before anyone other. Samsung?s Head for Mobile Services in UK, Simon Stanford established this news by saying that
?we?re delighted to introduce the Galaxy Nexus to the UK and are looking forward to seeing it in the UK shops on the 17th of November.?
He also mentioned that the level of curiosity and eagerness surrounding the release of the Galaxy Nexus has been amazing. Galaxy Nexus, apart from Android 4.0, has also features like a 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 5Mega Pixel camera, rounded design, and 1.2GHz dual core processor. Its arrival in other parts of world is still to be announced. Wishing best of luck to those, who will get their first hand on the mobile on November 17.


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Jason Clarke Stars in Lawless

Jason Clarke is a bootlegging Bondurant brother in upcoming film Lawless. In the clip, Clarke reveals the working methods of John Hillcoat and Nick Cave and how high the body count will be in the upcoming film.

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People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz "Magic" 7"

People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz "Magic" 7"


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Guild Wars 2 hacked, players asked to be vigilant


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Game on!: Grant Lets Kids With Disabilities Become Gamers With Adaptive Technology

Learning a new video game can be frustrating. But for kids with a disabilities, the experience can be especially hard. If you can't play what the other kids are playing, it's like being picked last for the kickball team. Take Giddeon, whom the AbleGamers Foundation met at one of their "Accessibility Arcades" in Atlantic City, New Jersey. According to the AbleGamers Foundation website, Giddeon didn't want to play any games. A rare disease had stunted the growth of his arms. Only a few fingers had formed. Holding a game controller was tough.


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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Become the Ultimate Master of Time

Summary: spelling and punctuation


Welcome to your crash course on the art of time-lapse videography. Making a video of ordinary things moving at warped speeds seems like a pretty straightforward procedure at first, but there are a multitude of small tweaks and equipment choices that you can experiment with in order to make a beautiful-looking video of life flashing before your eyes.

??This how-to was written by [ Joel Fernando], a Brooklyn-based indie video producer specializing in ghetto conundrums.?

==Pick Your Shot==

Think about the scenarios you pass through for fleeting moments every day: If you stood still and could see the environment move around you over the course of a few hours or days, you would have a very different perception of the place. And of course, one of the most striking benefits of time-lapsed recording is that it allows you to see motion in circumstances that are typically too slow for the human eye to detect, like [ plants emerging from the soil] in those old-school nature videos we all watched in high school.

I recommend thinking outside of the box with the subject of your time-lapse to create something new and exciting. Look at the world around you and find something visually interesting that changes at a slow pace. If this is your first time, pick a short time frame to capture your subject. (An hour or two is perfect.) For example, you could make a time-lapse video of the trail of ants that have invaded your kitchen or of a monk meditating in Times Square.

Shooting a time-lapse can take as short as a few hours or as long as a few weeks or months, depending on the subject you want to capture. The rotting of a fast-food cheeseburger may have you shooting for years.


Remember that every movie is just a series of still pictures shown in succession. For recording, you can use pretty much any relatively new DSLR camera with advanced manual settings. GoPro cameras are awesome for time-lapse as well, as you can set them to snap at varying frame rates with a camera timer remote, which you can buy for $25 to $100 depending on what bells and whistles you want. The remote will allow you to choose the rate that your camera is going snap each frame.

Make sure you have plenty of juice for your camera to make it through the shoot. The best way to ensure you?re powered up is to hook your camera up to an outlet, but if you?re going to be shooting at a location with with no power, you can either buy a battery grip for extended life, or hook your camera up to a car battery with an AC/DC converter.

???Pro tip:??? To save battery life, turn the photo preview function off on the camera, so that the digital display doesn?t drain the battery.

As far as memory goes, be on the safe side and use a card with plenty of space, a 32GB memory card should work for most projects.

==Shooting the Scene==

For the more technical details, I got in touch with Utah-based cinematographer and good friend [ Daniel Webster] to talk about his basic workflow when he is out shooting time-lapse in the wilderness. Here comes the geek talk....

===Do the Math===

Every second of video is typically comprised of 24 or 30 frames, which means that one minute of video shot at 24 frames per a second is made up of 1,440 still photos. Figuring out the camera?s frame rate depends solely on how fast your subject is changing, and the desired aesthetic of your final product.

Webster recommends a shorter interval or pause time between frames to capture faster-changing scenery like a sunset or cars driving on a highway. Shooting one frame every two seconds will give you a smooth video that captures detail in the motion of your visual.

Shooting with a longer interval, like one frame every 12 hours, should be used with a subject that is changing at a slower pace, like a growing plant or a decomposing organism. Just be aware that your frame rate directly affects the length of the video.

===Camera Settings===

Aperture, ISO, and shutter speed are important camera settings that you?ll want to manually configure before you start shooting. You will find that as you experiment with your settings, you?ll get much better at knowing what to set up. Even though it eats your memory quickly, shooting in raw format will give you the best quality and flexibility with post.

When setting your aperture, make sure to think about any changes in the light that will be happening, With a sunset, you?ll want to open up one or two [ F-stops] more than normal so you can continue to capture detail when it gets dark. Setting the shutter speed in accordance to the aperture has a major effect on the motion that is captured in the scene. A slower shutter speed will create motion blur that will make the movement of the video smoother, but if the shutter speed is too slow, then the image will become too blurry. One rule of thumb is to set the shutter speed to half of the interval that you have chosen.

With the varied lighting conditions of the outdoors it?s safe to stick with around an 800 to 1600 ISO. This is something that you?ll want to experiment with depending on the light that is available, as well as your aperture and shutter speed settings.

???Pro tip:??? When shooting day-to-night or during any type of gradual light change, you can try to use the auto exposure function. It will automatically correct your camera?s exposure settings so that as the sun goes down your camera will compensate by increasing the aperture. Note that using the auto exposure function will require more work in post-production, as you will have to grade the lighting of each frame to make all of the shots look like they have a consistent exposure through the time-lapse.


Set the camera up onto a sturdy tripod and let the camera do the work while you thumb through naked pictures of your best friend?s girlfriend. Just make sure to keep guard over your equipment ? and make sure not to get too excited and move the camera, or you will have jumpy parts that will ruin the smoothness of the final video.


So, you made it this far without your camera being stolen, the battery dying, or the memory card filling too soon, so it?s now time to import all of the photos onto your computer. Since Webster is pretty organized, we?re going to use his workflow as an example. But everyone has his or her own processes and organizational systems, so if you have a better system, go for it.

Once you have imported all of the raw images, import the batch into Photoshop and make any color or exposure corrections. Export to JPEG so that it is easier for the computer to handle for rendering ? you really won't see much quality loss. Just make sure the images are named in chronological order.

There is a plethora of video editing options out there, but Webster recommends finishing the edit of the video in Quicktime 7 or Final Cut Pro, so that?s what we?ll focus on here.

===Quicktime 7===

File> Open Image sequence> Browse to edited photos> Select photos> Choose framerate > Save in your intended format.

You can tweak the settings like image size, and export settings. Apple Pro Res 422 LT or H.264 is good for compressing your video to a smaller file size to watch online. If you want to import this video into another editing program for further editing then export in a [ lossless] format such as Apple Pro Res 422.

===Final Cut Pro 7===

Import your edited images folder into your project> User preferences> Editing tab> Type "1" into film/still duration> Select all of your images.

If you want to use digital zoom in post-production, you can nest that sequence and play with keyframing your scaling and center settings.


Like any video experiment, working with time-lapse is a trial-and-error process. Just don't expect to go out and capture the best time lapse on your first try ? there are a lot of variables to play with.


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Samsung Series 5 and Series 7 Slate PCs, hands-on!


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Astronomers Find Double-Planet, Double-Star System


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Tiny Print Server Lets You Print From an iPad

As iPads and iPhones continue to weave themselves further into our lives -- and as we become less reliant on laptops and PCs -- the ability to print from an iOS device has become an essential feature instead of just a "nice to have."


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Nokia Windows Phones in Six European Countries

Nokia Windows Phone

Nokia Windows Phone coming out this year disclosed this week the six launch markets for the vanguard devices arrive out of the Microsoft-Nokia partnership. Six hosts to Nokia's Windows Phone debut are France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK, but the company's mother nation of Finland has oddly been left out in race. The WP7 handsets are ready they'll find themselves quickly available worldwide, but if you want to be first to owe it, will have to visit Europe's western shores preferably some time before the year end.


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Digital Content: Evernote Already Organizes Your Personal Life, Now It?s Coming to Work

Evernote, the note-taking service that keeps your receipts, web clippings, recipes, and the title of that book you want to read, wants to organizes your work life too.


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Death Star Tea Ball Infuser

death star tea

Death Star Tea Ball Infuser


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Gaming Mouse Thermalright Leetgion El'Druin focused on RPG players

Thermalright Leetgion El'DruinThermalright Company prepares to release second gaming mouse named Leetgion. If the model Hellion was designed to be used with strategies such as StarCraft II, a new mouse called El'Druin focused on those who are fond of RPG genre, and Diablo III particularly.


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