Saturday, 30 June 2012

Essential Apps for Casino Gamers on The iPad

The online casino industry has changed rapidly in its relatively short history, although usually in the wake of advances in technology. The latest innovations that casino houses are catching up with are the rapid releases of new generation mobile devices. The swift uptake of millions of users has created a market which now wants to [...]


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Google Announces Nexus 7 Tablet

The Nexus 7 tablet has been leaked all over the place, but it has now been officially announced by Google at today’s keynote. �The Nexus 7 is being made by Asus. �It has a 1280×800 HD display, Tegra 3 with quad core CPU and a 12 core GPU, front facing camera, wifi, bluetooth, NFC and [...]


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Can't Match Apple's $1B Data Center Budget? Use Legos


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Wii U Online will not charge fees to gamers, says Nintendo


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High resolution icons now available in Google Play, includes sections for TV and Magazines


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DeLonghi Dehumidifier Pumps Moisture out the Window

dehumidifier pump

DeLonghi Dehumidifier Pumps Moisture out the Window


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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean port arrives on Samsung Galaxy S3


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New Mac OS X malware discovered


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Nintendo 3DS XL has 90% Larger Display

Nintendo believes that a larger screen will give more fun for gamers. And that’s why they plan to sell the larger version of Nintendo 3DS on Augustus 19 this year, the same day as New Super Mario Bros. 2. The larger version called Nintendo 3DS XL has 90% larger display and will be available in [...]


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Total Recall

As the nation states Euromerica and New Shanghai vie for supremacy, a factory worker (Farrell) begins to suspect that he's a spy, though he is unaware which side of the fight he's on.


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Watch the 2012 Google I/O Keynote Right Here at 9:30 PDT

In a few hours, Google will have the opening keynote for the 2012 edition of Google I/O and you can watch it right here on Gear Diary. �What will they announce? �The only thing we know for sure is that Android 4.1 will probably be talked about, since they have the statue erected at the [...]


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Ford Inches Toward Autonomous Cars, Helps the Parking-Challenged

Most people don?t know how to drive, or even park. Not you, of course, but all those other idiots on the road. They slow you down on the freeway, alternately stabbing the brakes and accelerator, causing a chain-reaction slowdown behind them. Or they back up traffic while cautiously inching into a parking spot, with little regard for those around them. But help is available, with more on the way. While serious motorists decry the creep of technology that takes control from the driver, they should instead thank car companies for making what?s easy for some of us ? like maintaining speed with the flow of traffic and quickly pulling into a parking spot ? foolproof for more people.


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Friday, 29 June 2012

Asus branded Nexus 7 tablet banner image leaked

With the keynote for Google I/O just kicking off, there has been a couple of last minute leaks, one such leak is a genuine image coming from the Google Play Store. If you modify the URL of the banner image for the Galaxy Nexus, changing ‘galaxy_nexus’ for ‘nexus_7′, you’ll be greeted with the image shown [...]


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SMRpodcast #121: 44 Icons On The Desktop

In this episode of the SMRpodcast, Chris was away on a road trip, but, we were lucky to have Allison Sheridan from the�NosillaCast�podcast and Terrance Gaines from��sit in with us and talk tech. This week we cover a lot of Apple news and the goings on at WWDC 2012. We talk about the MacBook Pro [...]

SMRpodcast #121: 44 Icons On The Desktop is a post from: RIMarkable, the Unofficial BlackBerry Weblog...


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Hot Car Racing Girls, Models - Photos, Videos

Hello guys, hope you're well. Last month, I've posted wallpapers of "sexy gadgets girls". Now, I'm going to impress you guys with hot and sexy car racing models. Find below mentioned fresh and sensual images and Youtube videos:

danica patrick car racing girl

hot girl with racing car

sexy korean car racing chic

YouTube Videos:


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Dell?s Big-Screen, All-in-One Beauty

If you're looking for an all-in-one Windows PC, especially one that excels as an entertainment hub or can double as a TV, this is a fantastic option.


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Judge Threatens New Sanctions Against Would-Be Facebook Owner


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Happy Birthday, iPhone! What?s It Feel Like Being 5?

The first iPhone went on sale to the public on June 29, 2007. It seems like it's been with us forever, but the handset that changed the entire smartphone space is only just five years old today. Here's a look at our favorite moments in iPhone history.


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Be the Master of Your Own Domain With a DIY Webserver


[[Image:ServerRacks.jpg|630px|thumb|left|Get on your own personal cloud. Photo by Ciprian Popescu/[ flickr]/CC]]

If you've ever spent a minute investigating anything related to creating a website (which, chances are you have, dear Wired reader whose demographic we know intimately), you've likely been bombarded with advertisements from companies offering to host your new site or provide you with server space to store your files on an internet database. Relax ? you don't have to sift through a storm of cloud services to figure out which is right for you. With a little education and patience, you can create your very own webserver that does whatever you want, free of charge.

''This article was written by How-To Editorial Assistant Jack Donovan, who uses his own home server to keep his head in the cloud.''

==File Servers With Apache==

If you?re looking for simple and unlimited cloud storage, then you need nothing more than an Apache HTTP setup for your server box or home computer. After downloading the Apache installer for your operating system from the [ download site], install it using the default settings and call the server and domain settings to any web address you want ? they'll just be placeholders for now. Once the installation completes, type http://localhost in your browser?s address bar. If you see a bold message that says ?It works,? you?ve got yourself a server going.

Next, you?ll need to populate the server with whatever files you?d like to house on it. Navigate to the directory that Apache was installed to and look for the folder called ''htdocs''. Inside this folder, you?ll see the file ''index.html''; this is the basic web page that told you your server was running when you first connected. If there is ever an HTML document named ''index'' in this folder, Apache will always load it as the page that outwardly displays to the world for your server when you access it through a browser. For a personal file server, though, you don?t need a pretty front-end, so feel free to get rid of that page and replace it with whatever files you?d like on the network. This way it will just appear as a simple index page.

After you?ve put your music, documents, photos or videos into the htdocs folder, open up Apache and restart the server. Then check your internal IP address (''ipconfig'' on Windows, ''ifconfig'' on Linux or Mac) and type it into the address bar. Once you press enter, you?ll be taken to a list of all of your files, which can be streamed or downloaded from any device on your home network. You just got served.

==Dynamic Web Pages==

If you're looking to turn your server outwards to the world, you'll probably want something that looks nicer than a simple file index. To do this, it's necessary to install some tools on top of your basic HTTP server application ? namely [ PHP] and [ MySQL]. The combination of these two services in addition to a basic Apache framework is what makes up the common AMP (Apache/MySQL/PHP) architecture (known as WAMP, LAMP, or MAMP based on your operating system). Performing these installations used to take hours and require advanced tinkering with config files, but now there's an easy single installer for every major operating system.


For Windows users, the best way to house an all-encompassing server suite is to download and install [ WAMPServer], an open-source application that installs all components of a WAMP setup in one easy shot. From WAMPServer, you can make changes to the Apache, PHP and MySQL configurations, and switch web connectivity on and off with one click. Nothing needs to be done with WAMPServer when it's installed, so the only work you'll need to do is follow the instructions for your desired PHP framework, such as MediaWiki or WordPress.


The LAMP architecture is the most favored server architecture among veteran web monkeys and networking hobbyists alike. The installation for LAMP components is also fairly easy if you're using Ubuntu, Debian, or any APT-based operating systems. Just open Terminal and type the following commands:

''sudo apt-get install tasksel''

''sudo tasksel install lamp-server''

Once you're done, simply install your desired PHP framework and get to coding!

===Mac OS X===

Mac OS X, although not used abundantly in the server world, has an extremely simple AMP installer called MAMP. Download the installer from the MAMP website and install it as you would any other application, and you're ready to go. Make sure and familiarize yourself with the different directories that MAMP creates, and then apply your PHP architecture of choice using the architecture?s install documentation.

==Live to Serve==

Once your file server or flashy website is up and running, you?ll probably want to show it off to more people than just your roommate or mom. However, in order to access the server from outside your home network, you need to configure your computer and router firewalls to allow outside connections through port 80, which is the standard port for HTTP traffic.

===Router Firewall===

To create a new exception for your server on your router?s firewall, navigate to your router administration page and look for the area that?s labeled ''Port Forwarding''. Click into this section and add a forwarding rule on port 80 by entering your computer?s internal IP address when it prompts for a forwarding address. This basically tells your router to forward all hypertext requests to your server, and not to any other devices that may be connected to your network.

===Computer Firewall===

Adding an exception to your server box?s firewall is a very similar process. Open your Firewall Settings page in your preferences area or control panel, look for TCP/IP rules, and add a rule that allows incoming access to port 80. Keep in mind that opening up your server to the Cold Wide Web could potentially invite some baddies into your network, so make sure to [ password protect your server] if you plan on leaving the door open.



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AMD will release a more powerful version of the Radeon HD 7970

Radeon HD 7970When a new graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 has been officially announced, the very first performance tests have shown that this model is somewhat superior to AMD Radeon HD 7970. According to sources, AMD decided it was time to return the Radeon HD 7970 the title of the fastest single GPU graphics cards. Fortunately, the advantage of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 is small, so AMD though that a slight increase in core frequency will restore the lead of Radeon HD 7970.


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Watch the 2012 Google I/O Keynote Right Here at 9:30 PDT

In a few hours, Google will have the opening keynote for the 2012 edition of Google I/O and you can watch it right here on Gear Diary. �What will they announce? �The only thing we know for sure is that Android 4.1 will probably be talked about, since they have the statue erected at the [...]


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Review: People Like Us

Here's an interesting question: what happens when a screenwriter best known for big, dumb, loud, effects-laden genre films gets the chance to make the movie he really wants to make? That's exactly what happened to Alex Kurtzman; the co-writer of Transformers, Star Trek and Cowboys and Aliens is now the writer (with Robert Orci and Joel Lambert) and director of People Like Us, an intimate and beautiful film that is the exact polar opposite of the work for which he is best known.


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Sony's NEX-C3 and Alpha A35 Cameras with New Macro Lens

Sony plans to replace its Alpha NEX-3 interchangeable-lens camera with the smaller, but not tremendously different, NEX-C3. And uses the same format APS-C image sensor as its predecessor, including multishot modes like Auto HDR, Handheld Twilight, and Sweep panorama, bumping resolution is from 14 megapixels to 16 megapixels. Sony says the new entry-level cam is designed to fill the gap between point-and-shoot and DSLR cameras, and is the smallest body to pack in offering DSLR-level image quality -- the same 16.2 MP chip is also included in its new full-size Alpha A35, which replaces the A33. Both cameras can shoot at up to 5.5 fps (the A35 adds a 7 fps mode at 8.4 megapixels), and include 3-inch LCDs, with the NEX keeping its hallmark tilt display, and the A35 adding Sony's Translucent Mirror live-view mode, and an electronic viewfinder.

Sony delayed shipping the C3 for a few months until it's ready to announce a replacement for that model. In line with Sony's goal of improving the user experience for beginners, the NEX-C3's Photo Creativity interface simplifies the process of adjusting advanced settings, to help grow the skills of those new to DSLR shooting. The NEX-C3 ships in late July or August, and will be offered with those familiar 18-55mm and 16mm kit lenses for $649 and $599, respectively. Bodies paired with the zoom will be available in black, pink, and silver, while the camera in the fixed-lens kit will only ship in black. The A35 will hit stores in August for $699 with an 18-55mm kit lens, or $599 for the body.

On the other hand, unless you really want the thinner body or 1080/60i video, there's no real reason to wait for it to ship either. Sony also announced a 30mm f3.5 E-mount macro lens that can focus down to just under an inch and a higher-powered, but still camera-powered, bounce-capable add-on flash than the one that ships with it (GN20 as opposed to GN7). The lens is scheduled to ship in October for $249.99 and the flash in August for $149.99.

We personally really liked the both cameras, looking for your feedback....


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