Friday, 30 September 2011

Philips Fidelio L1 high-end headphone

Philips Fidelio L1 high-end headphonePhilips has decided to try their hand at a new product category - high-end class headphones. The debut model Philips Fidelio L1, according to the manufacturer, allows customers "hear even the smallest details of original composition."


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"Paranormal Activity 3" Trailer

Release Date: Oct 21, 2011


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For Athletes? Peak Performance, Age Is Everything

French researchers have found that athletes' peak performance actually follows a rigid physiological law. Generally, most enter their athletic prime somewhere between 20 and 30, before undergoing an "irreversible" decline. (They even pinpoint when chess grandmasters start going over the hill.)


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AgriSolar?s solar-powered alternative to insecticides


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Sept. 30, 1861: A Novelist With a Nose for Disaster


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GeekDad Interview: Khaled Hosseini, Author of The Kite Runner

2003 best-seller The Kite Runner reveals the beauty and agony of a tormented nation as it tells the story of an improbable friendship between two boys from opposite ends of society, and of the troubled but enduring relationship between a father and a son. The Kite Runner begins in Kabul in the 1970s, shortly after [...]


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Gear Games Deal: Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle ? Pay What You Want!

Earlier this year I wrote about the Humble FrozenByte Bundle, which allowed you to pay what you want and get some great games from developer FrozenByte. Now they are back with the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle, which gives you this excellent game – and the chance to get the FrozenByte bundle in case you want to be generous! Here are the details: Pay what you want. Frozen Synapse normally costs $25, but we’re letting you set the price! The Frozen Synapse soundtrack is also included with your purchase (normally $6). Plus, if you pay more than the average price, we’ll throw in the entire Humble Frozenbyte Bundle ? a $45 value! All of the games work great on Mac, Windows, and Linux. We don’t use DRM. When you buy these games, they are yours. Feel free to play them without an internet connection, back them up, and install them on all of your Macs and PCs freely. There is no time-limit on your downloads. You can support charity. Choose exactly how your purchase is divided: between the developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Child’s Play Charity. Also, if you like this deal, a tip to the Humble Bundle itself [...]


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Samsung unveils Galaxy Tab 7 Plus with HSPA and Android 3.2

Samsung has pretty much all screen sizes covered when it comes to Android devices, from 4-inch phones to its 5-inch phoneblet, right up to the 7.7, �8.9, and 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab models. Not wanting the world to think it had given up on the original Galaxy Tab’s 7-inch design, Samsung has officially outed a successor [...]


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Wii Remote Plus Hitting Europe on 5 November

On this 5th November, Wii Remote Plus is launching in Europe. Europe is first for this official launch. No one knows about the cost as-of-now, however it will be launching in four colors i.e. Transparent White, Light Blue, Lovely Pink, and Grey.

This Remote integrated into single Wiimote what used to required for a separate Wii Remote and Wii MotionPlus add-on. Keep reading for more details.

Update: Nintendo's finally release for its Wii Remote Plus at a very fair price of $39.99.


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Brikk titanium cases target iPhone 4 and iPhone 5


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SMK just made micro-USB ports a lot stronger

I really appreciate a gadget shipping with a micro-USB port. They are tiny, they aren’t proprietary, meaning you can easily replace a busted cable, and the fact they are USB means most devices you plug in using one gets automatically recognized by your PC. The one thing I don’t like, or at least worry about [...]


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Hands-On: Cooperative Bank Robbing in PayDay: The Heist

NEW YORK — It’s tempting to feel a little bit guilty as you play PayDay: The Heist. For a few seconds, you might ask yourself why you’re robbing so many banks and apartments. You might question the moral ramifications of cop slaughtering, or debate whether or not tying up civilians is an ethical practice.
Don’t worry. [...]


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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Will Amazon?s Kindle Fire force RIM to discount the BlackBerry PlayBook even more?

Research in Motion’s first stab at a tablet device, the BlackBerry PlayBook, isn’t really doing all that well. �The hardware is pretty good, but, the software has been weighed, measured, and found wanting. �We’ve seen pricing on the PlayBook drop 40% to 50% and even more in some cases, and, although RIM is calling the [...]

Will Amazon’s Kindle Fire force RIM to discount the BlackBerry PlayBook even more? is a post from: RIMarkable, the Unofficial BlackBerry Weblog...


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Playing With Fire: Amazon Launches $200 Tablet, Slashes Kindle Prices

One year ago, almost to the day, Jeff Bezos gave me the reason why people should carry around a Kindle in the age of the iPad.�No Angry Birds.
?The number one app for the iPad when I checked a couple of days ago was called Angry Birds ? a game where you throw birds at pigs [...]


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New Doc Turns the Tables on Filmmaker's Friend


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Childproof Your Smartphone or Tablet

Summary: /* Toddlers and Young Kids */

[[Image:Childproofmain.jpg|630px|thumb|left| Photo by Ed Yourdon/[ Flickr]/CC]]


Five years ago, the idea of handing your kid a Blackberry to play with would have seemed crazy. Today, kids (and parents) are snubbing portable game systems for a smart phone, teens are totting tablets to class, and you'll regularly see parents placating whiny toddlers in restaurants with a shiny, black, $500 gizmo. Given that these mobile devices have infiltrated the ranks of our children, how do you go about making a smart phone or tablet kid-proof?

==Toddlers and Young Kids==

[[Image:Iguyfamily300.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Image 1: iGuy Foam Case from []]]

At this age, most people aren?t going to be comfortable with giving their children web access, so kid proofing a mobile device is relatively easy. Turning off Internet access altogether (both cellular and wi-fi) accomplishes the web issue without any fuss. The more challenging aspect is making a smart phone or tablet?an inherently fragile device with a glass display?resistant to being dropped, drooled on or otherwise physically harmed. Once you find a suitably protective case for your device, add a clear screen
protector and remember that most models are not waterproof, so keep the sippy cups out of reach during play time.

The iGuy Foam Case for iPad from Speck (Image 1) is an example of kid-friendly tablet case design. You may not want to be caught dead carrying this yourself, but your kid will love it and that iPad may actually survive the toddler years.

<br clear="all" />

==Elementary Age Kids==

[[Image:Otterbox300.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Image 2: Otterbox Defender case, from [ Otterbox]]]

You?ll still want a protective case, although you can probably graduate to something a little less out there. Time to have a parental talk about inappropriate web sites (it?s painful but this becomes more important later). Installing a web browser that limits sites via white list (only approved websites may be visited) is a good choice and most devices allow you to set a daily limit in terms of how many hours a user has Internet access. There are a few areas you may want to lock down altogether. For example, you may wish to use parental controls to disable the ability to initiate phone calls, turn off in-app
purchases and if your device is equipped with a camera, you may want to disable this too ?or at least remove any video conferencing apps.

The Otterbox Defender case (Image 2) for the Samsung Galaxy Tab offers bump, shock, drop and dust protection. The device inside isn?t impervious to kid damage, but it is considerably more rugged.

<br clear="all" />

==Middle School==

This is probably a good time to graduate to a black list web browser. This gives children more freedom, but still lets parents maintain some control by listing specific sites that will be blocked. If you want to verify their online habits, you can always check their browsing history. To reduce the likelihood of high monthly bills, use the device?s settings to restrict connectivity time, invest in unlimited talk and text plans and block calls to all but select phone numbers. There are apps and cell plans that let you set limits for all these activities and some will even e-mail you a notification when limits are reached. It?s a good idea to limit the maximum volume of the device starting at this age, as the headphones come out.

<br clear="all" />

==High School==

[[Image:DriveSmart.jpg|200px|thumb|right|Image 3: DriveSmart app, from [ Location Labs]]]

One of the biggest concerns for parents (outside of stratospheric cell bills) is the safety issue presented by texting and driving. You can install apps such as DriveSmart Plus from Location labs on Android smart phones and tablets to limit the functionality of devices while driving. It detects when the user is in a vehicle and disables distracting features such as phone and text capabilities. In terms of web use and inappropriate sites, you can try the blacklist browser method, but do so realizing that in all likelihood your teen knows more about this technology (and how to override it) than you do; that?s where the talk you had earlier about inappropriate websites comes in. You?ll still want a protective case?although they?ll insist on something cool but the best protection might be serving notice that your teen pays for replacement of a damaged device.

<br clear="all" />

''Original article by Brad Moon,''


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Android Fragmentation: Some Perspective from the Developers of ?Magic Defenders?

The other day I wrote about my frustration about the state of fragmentation in the Android ecosystem, citing my inability to buy the game Magic Defenders for my Acer Iconia A100 7″ Honeycomb-based tablet. I have been fortunate in the two of the developers from Clueless Ideas, the company making the game, have reached out to me – and one even commented on my post! His reply was thoughtful and insightful – and I thought it warranted being highlighted. When I saw in my email that someone from the developing company was commenting, my initial concern was that they didn’t like being singled out and having their game be the focus of my rant. Fortunately that wasn’t their response at all! They understood that my using their game came from me actually wanting to BUY it, but once again being unable to do so because of the various issues with supporting the myriad Android devices. In truth, I really think I would love Magic Defenders as noted, and was ready to click ‘buy’ … if I could. Here again is the description of Magic Defenders HD: Ready for magic circles, spells and an endless army of orcs? Be the hero [...]


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Secure Your Mac Against Fraudulent SSL Certificates


[[Image:SSLmainimage.jpg|630px|thumb|left|Stave off Gmail hack attempts by changing a simple setting. Photo by jeff_golden/[ flickr]/CC]]

<br clear="all" />

==The Problem==

Dutch SSL certificate authority (CA) [ Diginotar] issued a fraudulent certificate for * in August 2011. This means that hackers can, and have been, impersonating Gmail with a "[ man in the middle]" attack. The certificate is believed to have been issued by Iranian agents after they hack Diginotar. The exploit may have been used to spy on Iranian citizens' e-mail.

==Why Should You Fix It?==

SSL is the encryption used to secure your communications with banks, e-mail providers and anything else you don't want to be snooped. A rogue certificate will cause your computer to think it has contacted a trusted website, when in fact you're hooking up with a phony.

Here's a quick guide to making sure your computer knows who it's dealing with.

==Mark the Certificate as Untrusted==

On the Mac, certificates are stored in your keychain. To edit them, open up keychain access. You'll find it in your Utilities folder, inside the Applications folder:


[[Image:Keychain access.png|630px|thumb|left]]
<br clear="all" />

Fire it up, and type "Diginotar" into the search box. You should get one result. We're going to revoke the entire Diginotar certificate authority.

<br clear="all" />

Click on the certificate and click the "i" at the bottom of the window. You'll see this.

[[Image:The edit.png|630px|thumbleft]]
<br clear="all" />

Click the "Trust" arrow and you'll reveal these options. You only have to change the first one from "System Defaults" to "Never Trust."

<br clear="all" />

[[Image:Never trust.png|630px|thumb|left]]
<br clear="all" />

When you close this window, you'll be prompted for your admin password. Enter it, and you're done. You might want to check that your changes have worked. The window should now look like this:

<br clear="all" />

You may have to click away and then back again to refresh the window.

Congratulations: You are now a little safer. Thanks to Coriolis for [ this how-to].

''Original post by Charlie Sorrel,''

[[Category:Fraud Protection]]


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MLB Coach Offers Video Analysis for Young Pitchers

Any youth pitcher can now get expert advice from a Major League Baseball pitching coach by submitting video of their technique through an online service.


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The Most Dangerous Celebrities on the Web

Heidi Klum is this year's most dangerous celebrity to search for on the Web, according to the security software company McAfee. Clicking on links promising sexy pictures of her comes with a nearly one-in-10 chance of contracting a bad case of malware.


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Canon USA rolls out new printer cartridge recycling program


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LG Dual Screen Android Phones Without Answers

Not confirmed about the name for the device correctly, but the leaked T-Mobile (US) document points to a couple of forthcoming LG devices - there is the LG Flip II and the LG Maxx Q included. There are the rumors about same format device might have different names on different carriers. The great sense of regret that we didn?t have longer with it to find out all the details. The standing person on the table he didn?t know much about the handset at all, but mentioned the name Flip II.

It?s fairly stocky device, fatter than the Milestone 2, with LG being fairly generous with the bodywork. It bears some of the same design cues as the LG Quantum/LG Optimus 7Q around the front speaker, and picks up the four touch controls under the screen as we saw on the LG Optimus 2X and Optimus Black.

The camera on the back is LED supported but there are no markings to indicate what MP it might pack in, and LG usually label their cameras, so we?re guessing it isn?t final hardware. We don?t know what the screen declaration is, but it didn?t immediately strike us as being impressive , although that could simply be down to early build software, so it was obviously recently stealed from the box.

This LG phone trapped our eye because of the display between the keys which made us think probably a US exclusive handset, Nestling between the slide-out QWERTY keyboard is a secondary touchscreen and in our examining urge it did exactly what you?d expect - launch the apps positioned on it as shortcuts. Two of the eight spaces are left blank and ready to be assigned.

We?re in suspense is it final hardware as there was noticeable movement between the two halves of the phone.


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