Monday, 31 October 2011

BMW 5 Series New Energy Vehicle for China

BMW 5 Series New Energy Vehicle
Having experienced a great deal of success in the past few years on the Chinese market and this time the Chinese will get their very own ActiveHybrid BMW in next month at Shanghai Motor Show when BMW access the 2011 5 Series New Energy Vehicle.

At automaker?s Annual Accounts Press Conference held in Munich, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer added that the new addition will ?benefit from the strength and the excellent reputation of the BMW brand?. The timing and features with the BMW 5-Series ActiveHybrid, the powertrain on the new NEV should not vary much from a turbocharged in-line six-cylinder 3.0 L gasoline churning out 300 hp and a 50 hp electric motor. Reithofer also talked about releasing the production version of the MINI Coupe, which was launched at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show and a second-generation BMW 1-Series.

After having experienced a great deal of success in the past few years on the Chinese market, German auto maker BMW is planning to further support its position there and announced this week a very exciting premiere for next month's Shanghai Motor Show.


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Build an LED Display That Responds To Music


[[Image:Finishedmusicboard.jpg|630px|thumb|left|A responsive disco light for the gentleman of refined high-tech taste. Photo by Mikerbot/]]

On a budget and need a little something to spice up the party room? Too classy for a disco ball and miss your raver days? Fear not. If you can solder and have just a couple of hours, you can have your own mountable flashing light display that will follow the beat of your music.



*Large bread board
*2 TIP31c transistors (or equivalent PNP transistors)
*8 LEDs of any color
*3 plain picture frames
*1 female 3.5mm audio jack
*A power adapter, 9 to 15volts should be fine (perhaps your old cellphone charger)
*Electrical tape
*Soldering iron
*Tin foil
*A 3.5mm audio splitter and male to male cord
*Hot glue gun and glue (optional)
*Multimeter (optional, but helpful)
*Screws, power drill, drill bit. (all optional)

==The Picture Frames==

Select your three identical picture frames so that the bread board fits nicely within the inside edges of the frames. Make sure that they stack nicely. I found that my board fit perfectly inside 5? by 7? photo frames from IKEA. This will be the housing for your light circuit.


<br clear="all" />

==The Adapter==

Cut the plug off of your power adapter and strip the wire.

'''Protip''': Leave enough wire on the plug so it could be used for another project in the future. Here's the charger I used:


<br clear="all" />

Twist the ends of the wire and coat them with solder. Solder leads onto the wire so that you can plug it into your breadboard. Remember to take note of which is wire is positive.

==The Circuit==

Solder leads onto your audio jack and create the simple circuit below on your bread board.


Arrange the LEDs around the edges of the board. It may be helpful to build the circuit and test it before arranging the LEDs to the edges.


Carefully flatten down all the components against or over the edge of the board.

[[Image:Messydesk2.jpg|630px|thumb|left| Pardon my messy work bench.]]

<br clear="all" />

==Creating the Case==

Take one of the picture frames and frame a square of tinfoil. The tinfoil will help reflect more light. Mine required a little carving to get the breadboard to fit within the frame:


Take another picture frame and remove the back and glass. This will be sandwiched between the other two to allow more room for the board and components.

Frame a sheet of semi transparent plastic in the last picture frame without the cardboard packing so it makes a window. This is for diffusing the light. I found a sheet of this material at my local plastic store:


Packaging material, light gels, or even a thin coat of paint on the picture frame's glass will all work. Another good source for plastic like this is the back to school aisle at any department store.

Drill two holes in the bottom of the frames for the cords. If you don't have a drill use a knife to carve out some space for them.

[[Image:Drill.jpg|630px|thumb|left| First hole drilled]]

Place the board on top of the framed tinfoil. Put the empty frame on top of this carefully glue or screw this frame to the one below. If you choose to screw, remember to pre-drill a hole, this will help prevent the frames from cracking.

Double check everything, make sure your cords are secure and circuit working before you glue or screw the final frame on top.


Plug the splitter into your ipod or computer, plug the line from your light box into one port and other into your speakers. To get the brightest effect, turn up the volume all the way on the player, and control the volume on your stereo.


==Other Thoughts==

Make it bigger!

If your volume is up, and the lights are still dim, try removing one LED from each side.

It is a good idea to get an extra couple LEDs and transistors, incase you blow one up in the construction process.

If you want, you can drill larger holes and install plugs for power and audio input.

''Original article and photos by Mikerbot.''



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Verizon starts clearing out the 16GB/32GB iPhone 4

With the iPhone 4S officially announced, naturally carriers would want to start making way for Apple?s new device by attempting to unload older models. Verizon in confirming their plans for the iPhone 4S have already started doing so, and are now offering the 16GB and 32GB versions of the iPhone 4 for $ 150 and [...]


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Hot Car Racing Girls, Models - Photos, Videos

Hello guys, hope you're well. Last month, I've posted wallpapers of "sexy gadgets girls". Now, I'm going to impress you guys with hot and sexy car racing models. Find below mentioned fresh and sensual images and Youtube videos:

danica patrick car racing girl

hot girl with racing car

sexy korean car racing chic

YouTube Videos:


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Media Epicenter: Stalking Apps, Friends, Family and the Creepy Factor

Apple’s introduction of “Find My Friends” in iOS5 adds a bit of mainstream endorsement luster to a smartphone feature that’s been baked in since day one and leveraged by third-party apps almost since then. You might even argue that it’s “Find My Phone” done right, since knowing the location of a phone isn’t really as [...]


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Dork Tower Monday -- #1000!


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Apple has already started working on OS X 10.8


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Gear Bag Review: PowerBag Messenger

CES is coming up, and this year we will have the biggest Gear Diary team covering the event ever. Even though CES is more than two months off, it isn’t too early to start thinking about the ins and outs of the week. As we have mentioned previously, one of the biggest challenges at CES is keeping cameras, phones and video recorders charged and usable. The days are long and the tools we use to cover CES are in use from early morning until late at night. Battery cases and external batteries help a great deal but, this year, we’ll have yet another way to keep our devices charged thanks to PowerBag. PowerBags come in a variety of styles ranging from backpacks to messenger bags, and each has a 6000mAh battery and charging cables built right into the bag itself. At prices that start at just $139.99, the bags aren’t much more than a large external battery would cost on its own, but these come with cables and a bag. The company was kind enough to send both a backpack and messenger for us to review. We’ll take a look at each in the next few days and then, after [...]


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Bravo 4051 Disc Publisher with 50-Disc Capacity

Primera Technology announced its Bravo 4051 Disc Publisher. Coming with a 50-disc capacity, the Bravo 4051 Disc Publisher prints full-color, 100% coverage discs in just 6 seconds each. Other highlights: Individual CMYK ink cartridges; One high-speed Sony Optiarc? CD/DVD drive; 4800 dpi print quality; 300% faster robotics than previous models; Interior blue LED lighting with [...]


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Apple Removing Restocking Fees on 11th January

apple iphone fee

Apple planning an expansive conclusion to its restocking fees at retail that would stimulate its Verizon iPhone,on January 11. The company would permanently waive the 10% penalty for anyone returning a device in the usual two-week grace period, starting January 11, the same day as the special event.

However the cancellation of restocking fees will be useful if you wish you?d ordered an upgraded version of an Apple product. 9to5Mac also notes the date of January 11 being the same date as the Verizon event and also this means there will be more of an Apple presence at the event than previously thought. We?ll have to see how Apple deals with people trying to return their scratched up iPods and what the policy with iPhones will be. The 14 day return period still applies but for example if you purchase a 16 GB iPad and use it for 3 days, then want to upgrade to the 32 GB model, you won?t need to pay an additional 10% restocking fee.

After all we know that some readers who?d waited patiently for a Verizon iPhone eventually lost hope and plumped for the AT&T iPhone. Whatever the reason it?s good news for Apple consumers as it covers all Apple products. Then again, Apple could merely be following Best Buy's lead, with the 1.11.11 date pure coincidence. Either way, we're fans of open return policies for expensive products, so if you ask us, it's more of a good thing.


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BlackBerry Messenger 6.0.1 now available in BlackBerry App World

BlackBerry Messenger has been updated to v6.0.1 and, if not already, will soon be available for download in BlackBerry App World. BlackBerry Messenger 6.0.1 features include: Explore BBM-connected Apps�? BBM users will now be able to pull up ?Explore BBM-connected Apps? from a menu in the BBM Contacts screen, which starts a BlackBerry App World [...]

BlackBerry Messenger 6.0.1 now available in BlackBerry App World is a post from: RIMarkable, the Unofficial BlackBerry Weblog...


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Rotisserie Grill In Aluminum Briefcase for Secret Agents? Cookouts

What could be better than rocking up to a picnic carry this sleek aluminum briefcase in one hand and a parcel of delicious raw meat in the other, and then flipping the case open to reveal… A rotisserie grill?
Nothing, that’s what (as long as somebody remembered to bring the beer). The Carson Portable Rotisserie Grill [...]


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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Atrix 2 Review


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Tin Tin Trailer

A trailer for Tin Tin, hitting theaters December 23rd, 2011


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New capacitive touchscreen works with a gloved hand

You only have to look at the current crop of smartphones and tablets to know that capacitive rather than resistive is the touchscreen technology of choice. Resistive suffers a lack of accuracy and responsiveness due to its reliance on pressure for input. Resistive touchscreens do have one advantage over capacitive, though: you can use one [...]


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Beluga says goodbye


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Microsoft Video Envisions a Touch-Based Future

How do you see yourself living a decade from now? For many of us, it's difficult to picture how technologies will change and evolve in that time span. But for some folks at Microsoft, it's their job to figure out where technology is headed, and how to make it happen. And a recently released video shows just what they envision.


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Microsoft Sold 2.5 Million Kinects in First 25 Days

Recently, Microsoft wrote on their website about Kinects sales. Microsoft sold 2.5 million Kinect sensors in a convenient 25 days.

We all know that this big sales figures achieved due to "Black Friday Sales" from last weekend. Sony's been mum on Move numbers since it announced 1 million units shipped about a month ago. Microsoft says it's on pace to sell 5 million Kinect units through this holiday, which could be a magical thing: what sort of 3D video extravaganza could we pull off with 5 million Kinects in tandem? Read more details at Microsoft Sales PR Section.


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